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This shirt is the bomb


Terrorism isn't cool but what does terrorism even really mean now-a-days? I had this neighbor once that was a complete terrorist. That guy would call the cops on our huge house parties all the time with complaints like, "they're having sex in my pool again" or "taking alcohol from my house is still breaking and entering...and theft". What a dick!

This shirt is perfect for long flights and international travel. The comfort level of our premium fabrics will make the time fly by and you might finally be able to sleep on those stiff airplane seats.

Please Note: Premium version has the same image on both sides.

Disclaimer: Although this shirt may be funny to some people, wearing it in public could have serious repercussions. Anything construed as a "bomb threat" could send you to prison in the US. It is highly suggested to think about practical uses before purchasing.  Bravery discount included in price.

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