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Shirtwascash is a small community-driven apparel brand established in 2014.

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About Us

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Products & Manufacturing

Materials used and sizing?

Our product pages have a clickable "FABRIC & SIZING" button with more info.

We are committed to manufacturing in America with the most premium inks, dye-methods and materials.

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Do sizes run large or small?

Our products match the popular American Apparel size standards which run a little tall and thin.

North American shoppers—if undecided, order the larger size. Americans say our sizes are perfect or run a little small.
International shopperswe suggest your regular size. Europeans say our sizes run a little large.
Asian shoppers—we suggest ordering a size down.

We focus on comfort and breathable fabrics. It's our belief these designs are better with flow.In-between sizes? Go a size up rather than risk more fitted.

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Tips for women shoppers?

Our brand attracts mostly guys but our women's clothes are super legit. Shop care-free with 90-Day returns, exchanges and customer service that cares.

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How are these printed?

We are a leading sublimation house—sewing since 2014. Each product is made-to-order through a 3 to 5 step process.

All of our cotton products are made with water-based eco-friendly inks.

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How long does production take?

All products are made-to-order in the USA. We begin the process within hours of your purchase.

Delays can occur during times of high demand, holidays and new releases.

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Washer, dryer & best practices

Our prints will never crack, dull or fade and can last a lifetime of shenanigans with proper care. Consider these:

In general, our clothes are durable under all conditions.

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Shipping FAQ

How long does shipping take?

USA and Canada (Sent with USPS)

Production time (explained above) plus 2 to 5 business days

Most orders are automatically upgraded to USPS Priority Mail.

International (Sent with USPS, UPS or DHL)

Production time (explained above) plus 1 to 2 weeks.

Once an order leaves US Borders it is given to your domestic postal service. Most delays are caused by your local Customs office or postal service, please call them for late orders first.

Still have an issue?
We have your back, contact us.

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Has my order shipped yet?

We send a tracking email when your order is shipped. Please check spam before contacting us.

If you used Paypal, our emails are often sent to the email associated with that account.

You can also login to your Shirtwascash account to check the status of your orders.

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Do you ship international?

We ship anywhere we haven't experienced too many scammers. If your country is not listed, please contact us for a manual order.

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Will I pay additional VAT or customs charges?

International orders may incur import duties, customs or VAT charges. We are currently unable to predict or prepay these charges.

Shirtwascash is not responsible for international taxes, duties or other tariffs your government may charge.

Orders rejected at delivery by you will incur a 50% restock fee + shipping.

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Is it normal for shipping to take this long?

International shipping times vary widely between countries. Most delayed orders are held by your local post office—please call them to learn more.

Once packages leave the USA border, we can no longer track them and are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen packages in your local country.

If you do believe an order was lost or have questions, contact us.

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Border customs still has my package, is this normal?

These delays typically fall in three categories:

  1. It's still on its way but no longer being tracked (most often)
  2. Your package was lost at customs (call them first, then contact us)
  3. Your country wants to collect import duties (call your local post office)

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Shipping Policy & Rates

United States

 Type   Your Order   You Pay   Delivery*
Standard $0 - 50 $5.92 3 - 7 days*
Priority $51 - $100 $7.68 3 - 7 days*
Priority $101 - $150 $10.32 2 - 5 days*
Priority $151 and up $16.46 2 - 5 days*

 * Delivery is shipping time after our production process

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 Type   Your Order   You Pay   Delivery*
Standard $0 - $50 $11.46 5 - 8 days*
Priority $51 - $100 $14.82 5 - 8 days*
Priority $101 - $150 $21.52 5 - 8 days*
Priority $151 and up $26.38 5 - 8 days*

 * Delivery is shipping time after our production process

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Europe, Asia, South America

 Type   Your Order   You Pay   Delivery*
Priority $0 - $50 $16.42 6 - 12 days*
Priority $51 - $100 $24.81 6 - 12 days*
Priority $101 - $150 $28.65 6 - 12 days*
Priority $151 and up $34.24 6 - 12 days*

 * Delivery is shipping time after our production process

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Australia and New Zealand

 Type   Your Order   You Pay   Delivery*
Priority $0 - $50 $18.42 8 - 14 days*
Priority $51 - $100 $25.68 8 - 14 days*
Priority $101 - $150 $28.76 8 - 14 days*
Priority $151 and up $36.44 8 - 14 days*

 * Delivery is shipping time after our production process

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Care-free Refunds, Returns & Exchanges 

Our customer service policies aim to make life simple.


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Miscellaneous Notes

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