Glorious Dear Leader Men's T-Shirt

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We've worked on the material and cut of this premium all-over print t-shirt to create perfection. Feel the benefits of modern American ingenuity.

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Jamie A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Dear Leader watch over me

The Dear Leader is with me always. I experience double rainbow happiness when I adorn this glorious peoples garment (approved by the state, of course). Many filthy capitalist, imperial dogs quake in fear. Just as juche commands. For real though, shirtwascash came though with this, the quality and service WAS CASH (see what I did there, hehe, yeah...) Shipping to America's dad was easy and quick. Thanks boiz.

Simon N.
Shirt is probably great, but

the swedish mail service (postnord) has messed up the delivery of my package, hopefully i will get it soon!

Elliot E.
United States
Good Quality

The shirt feels good on the skin amd the variety that the brand has is great! Nothing but an attention grabber!

United Kingdom
Now I get nothing but respect

Everyone used to hate me. Since buying this shirt they all love me, although I did buy it with lottery winnings so that may have played a part.

the s.
great shirt but it had a side effect

so i was feeling down one day so i decided to impulse purchase as much as possible to fill the void that is my heart. So i bought this tee, then when it arrived the apperance of it was so shocking as soon as i touched it my body was filled with a great joy that was the blessing of the dear leader. I was so inspired by him and his story of his birth that changed the seasons that i decided to go to the gym and get swole. But as soon as i began lifting weights kim jong- il blessed me from the after life and granted me the power i needed to lift. I then lifted for over 77 hours while the dear leader chanted me on telling great stories of his battle. when a pathetic capitalist pig who held the title of gym attendent asked "Bro you alright?" The dear leaders power surged through me and i picked him up like a ragdoll and threw him several feet. The dear leaders power then presented itself in the form of muscles that destroyed my shirt. sadly i lost the shirt but the dear leader now lives inside me in the same way i live inside a tiny cell being help my imperalist pigs.