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90s Internet Kid Hoodie

  Hoodie Tips
Our hoodies & sweatshirts are a fashion fit cut and more standard than our men's shirts.
We handcraft these using premium fabrics - the outside is smooth, fluffy on the inside, and printed all-over everything. 
These are tall friendly
Cut for fashion (tall & slightly slimming on your frame)

If you want it to be "baggy", consider ordering a size up.


The most impressive part about this hoodie is that the mouse plugs directly into the keyboard - and it's not even one of those old school Macs. Why did every school get the old colored Macs and bubble Macbooks? Those things were so terrible, we still have nightmares!

This is true internet surfing. Velcro kicks and all.

Please note: We offer the hoodie with and without a front pocket to try and keep the price down. The pocket has the same seamless design.