We created Shirtwascash to make clothes that help showcase why you're awesome.

We want more people to stop blending in with the crowd. The things that make us different also make you great! Shirtwascash started from some Reddit posts in 2014. We were the first brand to print memes on clothes and quickly grew to become a world-wide brand.


Top Seller - Floral Glitch Velvet Joggers

We care about every pixel.

We don't have as many designs as other stores because we focus on quality over quantity. Every new design is created by our in-house artists in high resolution for unbeatable end result.

We're helping bring manufacturing jobs back to America.
Every garment is hand-made from scratch in the USA. We print on super soft fabrics using high-pressure sublimation machines. 



...featured in and on the front pages of Reddit, Imgur, Funnyjunk, 9gag, iFunny, and many more!