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Fabriqué à la main en Amérique

Super doux et chaud, parfait pour regarder des films. Existe en trois matériaux différents et 2 tailles différentes !

Artiste - TFoust10
Instagram - tfoust10

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    Small child approved. Cold college girl agrees.

    Working from home in a chilly place with ADHD meds that make your hands and feet even colder, roommates who don't like to run the heater, and having an unfortunate hatred of socks has not been doing well for me. I spent many a morning shivering through zoom meetings as I fought with multiple blankets to accommodate their refusal to heat the house. Always frustrated at how even curled up in my office chair, some part of me would always be cold - I decided to spend my Christmas money on something cozy. I was traveling the snuggy route when I remembered seeing these were a thing. and decided to take a chance because, to be honest: a hooked blanket is way less shameful sounding. After pursuing normal retailers for them, I recalled shirtwascash posted about them recently. While I really did not enjoy and could not use the masks I ordered from them, the sweater I ordered was lovely. So I hoped blankets would be too. These were definitely more $$ than I planned, but due to pooling Christmas funds, it was doable with some budget shuffling. Typically I hate sherpa and microfleece in my blankets - mostly because they tend to wash up just awful. It always feels like the nap of the sherpa gets all clumpy and matted. I made the splurge though, and went with the Large in the Natural Sherpa since I hate fleece even more. As for the rest, I ordered on the 4th, it arrived on the 15th, and although I wish it was bigger yet since I am a plush sized person, it seems to be of perfectly nice quality otherwise. I have yet to wash it, but it does cover more of me than my aforementioned blanket juggling, and while I might try to pin together the top blanket bit for more of a sleeve effect to work on the PC, it works quite well all said. As a bonus, my niece also loves it. Definitely approved on all accounts - she said it was the softest blanket she had ever used. It is not in my college budget to buy her one of her own, but perhaps in the future. She acts like she owns this one when she is over already, anyways. Also: I reaaaallly wish they had this in "Unfinished Game" print. Up your print options!! I dawdled on getting this for weeks just because it didn't have prints I loved. This was definitely a 'settle' for me and I heavily considered many other options due to it. Additionally, please give a better explanation/close-ups of the fabric options so we can buy in better confidence. I appreciate the minimal take, but the photos do not do it justice.

    Shirtwascash Color Wash Original Hoodie Blanket Review

    Wow, thanks for sharing such an awesome story and experience! One pro-tip on the sherpa fabric is to cold wash and air dry. The dryer's heat is what will clump the fabric up quicker.