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Yes I Would Mousepad

3D printing and torrents are the greatest things to come out since hammer & nails and CD burners. When we were kids, we used to scoff at that message when it appeared on the screen. Oh how things have changed. Now I look at it and see the future.

We've already been hanging out at dealerships test driving cars to pick which one's we want to D/L first. Every time the guy goes in for the hard sale - we look him dead in the eye and have an uncontrollable belly laugh. 0% APR? How about 0% sale price.


Mouse Pad Disclaimer & Gamer Guarantee: All of our mouse pads are 10.5 inches tall x 12 inches wide. They are printed in full resolution and true color using the same unique printing method found on our shirts. The image will never fade from use and if there are ever any signs of wear on the image - email us a picture for a replacement.

Thin Cloth Surface

Provides comfort during intense gaming and work sessions.

Rubberized Bottom

Offers stability for smooth mouse movement on any surface.