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Magic Internet Money Mousepad

We contacted Satoshi Nakamoto for inside information before releasing this mousepad. At first he sounded very confused, but eventually he told us the details on where his private keys are located. Something about "go away". We took that as code word to get up and just start walking down the street.

Almost magically, we saw a BMW. The "B" and the first line of the "W" was missing so we travelled northwest. It led us directly to a Party USA. We immediately bought wizard costumes and left. We were so close to those millions we could almost taste it.

The door to a liquor store was wide open and to our surprise there was a neon "We Accept BTC" sign in the window. It was too much of a coincidence to ignore. We entered the premise and was completely blacked out by the time we left since we have control issues. I checked my phone in the morning and saw I spent my entire hot wallet at that liquor store, which is a bit of a disappointment, but we're going to go back there to pick up where we left off really soon. 


Mouse Pad Disclaimer & Gamer Guarantee: All of our mouse pads are 10.5 inches tall x 12 inches wide. They are printed in full resolution and true color using the same unique printing method found on our shirts. The image will never fade from use and if there are ever any signs of wear on the image - email us a picture for a replacement.

Thin Cloth Surface

Provides comfort during intense gaming and work sessions.

Rubberized Bottom

Offers stability for smooth mouse movement on any surface.

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