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Loaf is the Answer Men's Cotton T-Shirt

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You're probably going to receive a nicer cotton shirt than you expected with this one.

Bread is love, loafåÊisåÊlife.åÊWhen you wear this loaf cotton tee, you'll be sure to spread a little loaf everywhere you go.

‰ÏÓåÊQUALITY:åÊZero Chinese fabrics, print, or other crappy choices.åÊThink Nordstrom level fabric quality.
‰ÏÓåÊCOMMITMENT:åÊAs of August 2018, Shirtwascash has nearly 55,000 orders with 18.79% return customer rate!

We're the best.åÊSee our reviews!

Fabric & Feel
Unlike our competitors, all of our fabrics and cuts are created in-house by our team. This shirt is the result of 4 years of hard workåÊstriving to be the best. The fabric feelsåÊsoft, like crazy soft, made from a proprietary micro-poly blend.

Shipping & Returns
We offer an unlimited return and exchange policy. We personally make your clothes and care a lot about our own product!åÊCurrent production time is approx. 2 weeks.

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