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Build a SpiritFlag

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Ready?  Begin building your SpiritFlag here!

This one-size-fits-all garment is purposefully designed to be an unparalleled festival, team, and rave accessory. Each piece of material is sewn by artisans in the US with imbued 3D print that never fades.


- Full-Size Flag nearly 5 feet wide!
- All-Over Print high resolution in full color
- Double-Sided Hood with a drawstring
- (2) Wrist Straps ready for flight
- (2) Neck Wraps secure your flag
- Durability Stitching bulletproof

    Secrets & Perks

    - Versatile flag, scarf, poncho, cape, shawl, or blanket
    - Massive Hidden Pocket room for phone + wallet
    - Special Fabric like nothing youve ever worn before!
    (anti-wrinkle, holds cool water for hours, heat isolating)

        Fly high, Be Free