Why Yumwoof Is The Best Dog Food Brand with Coconut Oil

When we look at other companies, we look for ones that stand for making a positive difference through their products. Those brands that place customers first tend to rise above the noise of competitors. They become industry leaders that make our lives better.

Yumwoof Natural Pet Food is one company that displays this standout characteristic. They’re an innovator in the pet food space that we’ve gotten to know and believe in. Their ‘soft & chewy’ kibble is a healthy dog food made with superfood ingredients, including coconut oil for dogs which has been shown to improve brain function and make dogs look younger in several NIH studies.

We like Yumwoof’s science-based approach to dog food, and their inclusion of coconut oil is just one example of how they’ve included ingredients that have research supporting its benefits for dogs.

Another ingredient we really like is the fresh chicken they use as their #1 ingredient. This is in stark contrast to what you’ll find in dry kibble, the most common type of dog food you see today.

If you talk to their team, they’ll explain how the cooking process of making dry kibble uses low quality dried meats and meat byproducts, which are harmful to dogs. Dry kibble is also cooked using hot extrusion at temperatures up to 500 degrees, which is a process that grinds the ingredients down on the molecular level and degrades the nutritious value of your dog’s food.

That’s why we were intrigued by Yumwoof’s idea of ‘soft and chewy’ kibble as an alternative to the dry stuff you’ll find stocking the shelves of Petco. Their company has invented a new way of slow cooking their kibble at low temperatures that retains the nutrients of its high quality ingredients.

The health aspect of Yumwoof is incredibly important, but what first spiked our interest was actually how good their dog food smells. They describe it as smelling like a “sweet bread” on their website, and we have to agree that’s pretty accurate. You can smell the natural coconut oil for dogs inside of it, which as we mentioned is one of the main ingredients in their food. Yumwoof has more coconut oil than any other dog food.

Here’s a link to one NIH study that showed the tangible benefits of coconut oil for dogs. Many other studies came to similar conclusions, and that’s just focusing on the mental and appearance benefits.

Coconut oil has other useful benefits for dogs with constipation, low energy, age-related decline and skin issues. Eating coconut oil has even been shown to help dogs repel fleas.

One last thing we want to mention about Yumwoof’s soft and chewy kibble… It doesn’t need to be refrigerated! Okay, maybe this is the lazy side of us speaking, but that’s really convenient when you don’t want to scoop fresh food out of your fridge or make your dog wait while their frozen raw food defrosts. If you’ve been there, you’ll know what we mean.

It’s no secret that we really like Yumwoof’s Perfect Kibble product, and we’d like to finish our point in this article where we began.

The team behind Yumwoof is inspiring, and they have a mission-based mindset committed to expanding positivity in the world through dog nutrition.

We believe mission-driven companies have the ability to be a driving force for positive impact. Whether they’re focusing on dog food (in the case of Yumwoof) or whatever it may be, our team will be keeping our eyes open for companies we see improving the status quo of mankind.

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