Shirtwascash likes to stay on top of two things: le new funny may mays and profits.

For a while now we've been mining customers of their bitcoins which has only led to our tears thus far. We can't fully blame the price though becuase our tears taste delicious and it cuts down on the water expense. Everyone knows that cryptocurrencies are the future and will replace all forms of greed, self-interest, and lead to world peace. At first we felt BTC was the way to go since we just want to get rich really fast, but then LNMNMMC was launched and those tears turned into dollar signs.

Here's some photos from our office to help visualize this bit of the story (get it, bit of the story? lol...ammirite? Like.. "bit" as in bitcoin. It's a play on words. Lol. #explainingmyjokes)


So without further ado, please tip your fedoras to us as we celebrate accepting LENEWMEMEMAYMAYMANCOIN for our bravery line of apparel.


Here's a few of the advantages from the developer's website:

  • It’s backed by the world’s most popular meme: Le New Meme Nice Maymay Man! That’s right everyone, this will soon be the world’s most hilarious cryptocurrency. Better meme up!
  • Anyone can mine it! Throw that $4,000 mining hardware in the garbage! Thanks to an innovative coin generation scheme, anyone with a personal computer should be able to produce their own LNMNMMMCs without wasting much power or computational resources.
  • Enhanced Security!Transactions have been reworked from the ground up in the LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoin client, and as such it is virtually impossible to steal someone’s hard-earned LNMNMMMCs remotely.
  • No Premine! That’s right, it’ll be a level playing field for everyone! We guarantee 100% that LNMNMMMC will absolutely not be released with a premined blockchain. When the client is finished, the time and date of the release will be announced at least 48 hours ahead of time to give everyone a fair shake at earning some LeNewMemeNiceMayMayManCoins.
  • No IPO or Buy-in! We don’t want to take your money. Just mine your coins on Day 1 like everyone else. 


Need to mine some LNMNMMMCoins? Click here:


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