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Your conscious shakes you back into wakeful reality. Losing time like this used to only happen when you were halfway through reading a book or finally on the verge of learning something new. This state of mindless action is occurring too frequency.

Thankfully this time you look around and know where you are. You'd always recognize the blue-ish glow emitting from the desktop computer in your bedroom. The screen is blank. You've pushed away curiosity for far too long - something is wrong. Fear creeps in as the idea of mental illness becomes a possible explanation. "Fuck..."

Finally breaking through a frozen state of helpless ignorance, you investigate which computer programs were previously open to find it was only the Google Ultron web browser. A few clicks let's you know that the entire browser history was cleared. ...That's new. You never clear that thing. Did your subconscious somehow know this was the time you'd look?

Your world goes blank.

Your world goes blank.                            Your world goes blank.

Your world goes blank.

Your world goes blank.

Terror rips you awake as your body feels itself free falling in space. The worst way to wake up from a dream state. You look around and know exactly where you are. You'd always recognize the blue-ish glow emitting from your laptop but the room is unfamiliar. You look at a picture frame on the wall and see your biggest crush. Is this their room?

Scattered emotions resembling the peak of an acid trip flood your body and mind. You hear screams coming from beyond the bedroom door - it's her and she needs your help!

Immediately you jump to your feet and grab the handle. Shrieking screams morph into sharp laughter as you begin to open the door. This causes pause. Is this a trap? What am I doing?!

"Open it, the time has come for you to open it. Open it
OPEN IT OPEN IT OPEN IT OPEN IT" a ruffled drill sergeant shouts. The sound waves are visible as they pierce through the door. Each vibration spins through the full spectrum of colors resembling tiny pulsating stars. They connect into a patterned web that stretches out towards infinity behind them becoming ever-smaller fractals of light.

The voice morphs into something deeper and all-encompassing. "OPEN IT" "YOU MUST OPEN IT". With each sound, the room continues to fill with light. You close your eyes and cover your eyelids with your arms but the bright intensity continues to hurt your eyes. You suddenly realize what you need to do.

Swift movements pour out of you as you commit to relying on your muscle memory and subconscious. The laptop is now in full use as your fingers hit keystrokes at blazing speeds. The room shakes as the voice's volume becomes louder and from all directions.

Everything stops. The room is quiet around you again but you have a sense that it was only the beginning of what's to come. Confused as to what you should do next, you look at the laptop's screen.

> ...anon? you there?


> that was close! we didn't anticipate them to find you so fast. thankfully our brain-training worked on you. sorry about the blackouts, they were necessary

.... What's going on? Who are you?

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