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Wearing 1st Edition Holographic Hoodie

Yet to have her hopes and dreams shattered, Theo works very hard on her poses. She hopes to one day become muppet stunt double. When she's not practicing her poses, Theo enjoys lankily following her mother into every room, ensuring all misplaced socks are thoroughly destroyed, and barking at pigeons.

Age: 6 Months
Breed: Muppet
MO: Trotting lankily, over excitement


Marvin aka Marv

Wearing Falling Astronaut Hoodie

As the first pup to go to the moon, Marvin was destined for greatness. Standing just under 18 inches, he’s no faint of heart, and takes protecting his humans very seriously. His hobbies include: standing on humans, thiking about space, and pooping at least 3 times each walk.

Age: None of your business
Breed: Mini Schnauzer
MO: Lots of pooping, 3 legs only
Instagram: @marvtheminischnauz


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