Eliminate design-related busywork.

We understand how important stand-out merch is to supplement your awesome brand. We have boiled down our experiences to offer design work and back-end processing that makes new apparel launches easy so you can focus on what matters most.

We take care of these for you,

  • new design(s) created and unfinished designs completed
  • boost sales with a full Christmas or seasonal collection
  • consistent support without the management of a new hire
  • manage uploads with properly organized collections, thumbnails, shopping-intent based tags, Google-friendly SEO descriptions

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Our Process

Multiply your holiday sales with a standout collection. We create an original collection that maximizes your brand by taking full advantage of our team's creativity & print expertise. Use this to boost seasonal or holiday sales with a fresh and cohesive aesthetic. We highly recommend this service for Christmas.

• Pick a season or holiday as target release date
• Our team creates a inspo-board based on your brand direction
• Meeting to determine collection aesthetic and product choices
• Draft designs for your feedback and revisions
• Second design review and revisions
• We confirm products are live
• We share a marketing content package for you to promote

Want to know where to turn for your next design? Leverage our team's creativity to complete unfinished designs, turn your ideas into products, and/or create an on-brand original. Our team takes care of the rest.

• You submit an unfinished design, describe an idea, or just ask for an original
• We create (2) two draft versions per design for your feedback and revisions
• Our team creates templates and mock-ups across a selection of products
• Your products are uploaded to Shopify with eCommerce-optimized tags, SEO, and more
• We confirm products are live

Want to outsource time-consuming template, mockup and/or uploading process? We will process the designs you submit in a timely manner and publish to your store.

• You submit a finished design
• Our team creates templates and mock-ups across a selection of products
• Your products are uploaded to Shopify with eCommerce-optimized tags, SEO, and more
• We confirm products are live

Need continuous new design launches? Our monthly package offers the benefits of having an in-house designer without the hiring, management or overhead. You can submit ideas, partially completed designs, and finished designs--and we take care of the rest.

With this package you receive:

• Two (2) original In-House designs (read the In-House Designwork section for more information)
• Two (2) Partner Submissions (read the Partner Submission section for more information)
• Our team creates mock-ups and templates across a selection of products
• Your products are uploaded to Shopify with eCommerce-optimized tags, SEO, and more
• We confirm products are live

Design credit conversions

• You can convert two (2) Partner Submissions for one (1) additional In-House Designwork
• You can convert one (1) In-House Designwork for (2) Partner Submissions

Month 1: One (1) In-House Designwork, Four (4) Partner Submission
Month 2: Three (3) In-House Designwork, Zero (0) Partner Submission
Month 3: Zero (0) In-House Designwork, Six (6) Partner Submission
Month 4: Two (2) In-House Designwork, Two (2) Partner Submission

Please note: Unused design credits do not roll-over to the next month.

Detailed Descriptions

We are a small professional team and limit the Frequency of designs offered for two reasons:

1. We've set each Frequency to match the ideal release schedule of a full-fledged apparel brand and merch shop
2. Frequency is set based on our design team availability and to maximize the value you receive per dollar

• In-House Collection Frequency is set to Quarterly: A typical launch pattern for this is: Summer & Christmas.
• In-House Designwork Frequency is set to Monthly: You can request up to two new designs per month.
• Partner Submission Frequency is set to Weekly: You can submit up to two new designs per week.
• Monthly Package Frequency is On-going and resets Monthly: We will process, finish, or create up to 4 designs per month.

Designs Added are the total designs we will create or process per request. This number resets based on the Frequency.

• In-House Collection Designs Added is 3-5: Each reservation will result in a minimum of 5 designs and maximum of 8.
• In-House Designwork Designs Added is 1-2: We can complete an unfinished design or create a new piece from start to finish up to 2 times per month.
• Partner Submission Designs Added is 1-2: We will take care of templates, mock-ups and upload processing for up to 2 designs per week.
• Monthly Package Designs Added is 3-6: We will process, finish, or create a set number of designs per month. The mix is up to you per month for one price.

Art Revisions are the total number of edits our team will make based on your feedback. We limit this number to maintain a cost-effective and time-efficient service.

You will have 24 hours (one business day) to submit your Art Revisions before we move forward without it. Art Revisions for the In-House Collection may take more than 24 hours and is more flexible.

Art Revisions occur after you are sent a Draft version of the design and can be submitted via Slack, Discord, or a Revision Form.

Each product we add per design represents additional template work, design mock-ups, Shopify uploads and processing time. We have limited the number of products to help maintain effective delivery times and expectations.

• Seasonal Set: Every season we will offer a set of the most exciting products available to boost your sales. Total products per design expected to be 5 to 10 in any given set.

• Standard Set: Includes all of the basics for guys, ladies, and children. Total products per design expected to be 8 to 12.

Expected Turn-over is the number of business days (M-F) you'll receive the result within. We will let you know immediately if a problem or delay arises. 

Email anon@shirtwascash.com at any time to cancel your monthly subscription.

Monthly Package is billed every two weeks.

In-House Collection bills for 3 designs at the time of reservation. We bill the remaining amount at the time of completion.

Our Business Values

• We stand behind our work and fix mistakes at no cost
• We understand the end result needs to speak to your standards and meet those needs
• Our designs will be original and help you standout
• Designs will be printable at 150DPI or higher

• No excuses, we meet our deadlines
• We seek to under-promise and over-deliver 
• We respond quickly on most work days (and weekends, even)
• We consciously choose our words and don't waste time

Success should lift everyone involved in a fair manner. 

Business decisions should understand the perspective of and setup the best possible outcome for all parties involved. We have done our best to provide the best value and service possible.

We always make the decision that best upholds ourCore Values.

By prioritizing our own integrity, we build respect. We believe trust, openness, and collaboration is the best long-term strategy. We default to honesty as a core value of our team and business.

Being generous is the best method of growth. 

Mutually-beneficial relationships is how humanity got to where it is today and is still the best way to succeed. We believe that by showing kindness first, others will reciprocate.

Everyone is a work in progress. We accept that no one is perfect and that mistakes will be made. We are here to grow with anyone compatible to this value structure or can publicly show their own.