COVID-19 Response, Mask Wearing FAQ, and Donation Efforts

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Being one of the few on-demand Made in America manufacturing brands, we have experienced unprecedented growth since April 2020. It is the intent of this page to provide some basic FAQ about our products, provide shipping time updates, and add insight into how we're handling donations.

How does this mask protect me?

The primary use-cases for our masks include:

  1. help prevent asymptomatic carriers from releasing droplets of saliva when sneezing, coughing, laughing, singing, eating
  2. reduce the spread of communicable disease and general illness
  3. as a shield covering N95 masks to increase their longevity

  4. it's become legally necessary to wear a mask in many regions
  5. to help fund medical supplies to the front-lines
  6. to support American manufacturing and domestic supply-chains
  7. to bring more color into the real world

Does this protect against viruses?

This woven micro-poly mask is not effective for filtering viruses since anti-microbial fabric only impedes 60% - 70% of small particles, which is not good enough to count on for Personal Protective Equipment in a medical setting.

It does suppress the spread of the virus by capturing droplets of saliva when sneezing, coughing, laughing, singing, eating and will extend the lifespan of your N95 mask by adding another micro-fabric layer.

What makes the masks anti-microbial?

It's a feature of the synthetic micro-fabric we've chosen. It does not reliably filter out viruses but given the potential amount of usage, it will help avoid bad smells / bacteria build-up while providing decent protection from others. Wearing this over N95 masks extends the lifespan of the N95, which is the use-case in a medical environment.

What other benefits should I expect?

Besides looking pretty awesome and being a source of joy for others' to behold, these are machine-washable and decrease the need for single-use disposable masks. It makes us happy not to add more to landfills. The anti-microbial fabric will stay fresh longer and is intended for daily wear. Our unique print method is vibrant and will never fade or your money back.

What is this made of?

All of our masks are manufactured in the United States using woven anti-microbial micro-polyester fabric. 

The synthetic fibers leave little room for bacteria build-up and is also entirely machine washable. This is a similar fabric to higher-end sportswear, medical gowns, and certain pillowcases. 

Google "anti-microbial fabric" for more specific information on the mechanisms at work. Please note this is not anti-viral and is intended to supplement other  protection measures.

What does the CDC say about this? 

We know there has been a back and forth from officials on mask use. The CDC is currently recommending everyone wear masks in public to reduce the transmission of asymptomatic carriers. We follow and are applicable for the current CDC guideline.

What are your shipping times?

We are one of the few companies to bring manufacturing back to America. Due to this, our products are made-to-order and labor costs are significantly more expensive than our outsourced counter-parts.

[Updated 6/10] Estimated mask shipping times is 7 business days.

Where is my mask manufactured?

All of our products are made in California, Las Vegas, and central Illinois. We load balance between these partners and try to maximize their strengths. Fabrics are sourced from S. America, India, and China (when unavoidable). Printing, heat pressing, sewing, packaging, and shipping is handled 100% in America.

Why are they so expensive?

Our pricing is largely the result of paying real living wages in America.

Because of this, our margins are significantly below industry-standards too. We have made it part of our mission to bring manufacturing jobs and production back to America. We preference this in our decision-making and it carries higher costs. The plus side is the quality of our products are high, we're more resilient, and we can innovate.

We've also added a second mask to the price, which we are donating locally here in Austin, TX. Last, we spend $8 on average per order on advertising platforms. This is an unfortunate result of our eyeballs and attention going to only a handful of technology companies.

Can I return or exchange this?

Normally we have a no-questions return policy but due to the nature of this pandemic and intimacy of mask wearing we are not accepting any returns or exchanges on masks.

How can I contact you about my order?

Please fill our customer service form here and we'll reply within 24 hours. If you need to edit / cancel an order, you can start here. If something is urgent, please join our Discord or email

How can I learn more about your company?

Our designs are fun but we take our relation with you seriously! Learn more about what we stand for and our business practices with:


How we are handling donations

Every mask we sell has a second mask built into the price. It is our intent to use that budget towards protective equipment in the hands of those in need as quickly as possible. We envision this could be a long-term fight and will continuously find ways to contribute.

Where we are currently donating masks:

What type of masks are you donating?

We are actively sourcing masks for donation to maximize effectiveness. At the moment we have ordered:

[Updated 5/4] We currently have 4,500 total masks set for donation.

How else are you contributing?

Due to the economic crisis and reports of long lines at food banks we have decided to contribute 2% of our product revenue (not including shipping) to the Yuma Community Food Bank in Arizona.

A word from our founder...

We have just begun this unexpected journey. It is a privilege and responsibility for us to be useful during this invisible battle. We apologize for any delays that occur as we enter unchartered territory of broken supply-chains, greedy / corrupt suppliers, international import restrictions, and geo-political movements.

Please send all feedback to and join our Discord server. It's impossible for us to provide the best experience for every customer right now but I promise we care and will do our best.

Stay brave,