5 steps guide to join

+ the Camp FAQ



Step 1: Install Discord

Available on Windows laptop, Macbook, iPhone and/or Android phone

What is Discord? 

Discord is a chatroom, video & voice application owned by Microsoft. It is like text messaging with more fun & features.

Step 2: Create account

Your username should be a fun nickname! This is camp life, leave real names & private info in the real world 😇.

 Step 3: Join Based Camp chat here

The program may look confusing to start. The left panel (left swipe on phone) are called Community Channels.

Example of our server channels.

There are 3 camp-related channels:

• 🎯bulletin-board for calendar •
• 🛖the-lodge is our general chat •
• 🔥fireside-chat is for voice & video •

Step 4: Pick 🛖THE-LODGE channel

You're now in the main chatroom for the camp!

Step 5: Say hi to let us know you're here!

That's it, you're all set. Now we can communicate =)

We'll see you at 🛖the-lodge Sunday 11/7/21 at 4PM PST (6PM CST, 7PM EST)!