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Welcome Campers!

We're excited to have you for the 1st digital wellness camp. 



CampūüŹēÔłŹlife is best life.

Based Camp is an online retreat for well-being in the digital age. This means camp only truly exists in our mind.

Campers from across the world come together for one month to learn practices, align good habits, have fun & socialize.

Camp Rules

Camper supplies‚ÄĒwhat to bring

Generally in order from most to least important. The camp is currently free to help you afford this stuff.

Set & Setting (Up Your Tent)

For the best experience, we suggest testing, finding & creating the perfect space for this to take place in your home‚ÄĒa better setting to welcome positive change.

What room makes you feel best? Is it missing art on the wall? Spread your wings & explore.

Camper mind‚ÄĒnew¬†listens

For the duration of camp, here are some encouraged listens instead of your normal programming:



When's it start?

Camp Arrival¬†begins now‚ÄĒjoin our Discord (app available for phone and computer). Just mention¬†you're here for camp & you're set!¬†ūüôŹ

When is it?

There are 3 meetups per weekday (Mon - Fri):
Good morning: get in motion & build a morning routine w/ us!
7am PST (10am EST & 2pm UTC)
Good afternoon: powerful practices to re-center, organize & energize the day
11am PST (2PM EST & 6pm UTC)
Good night: contemplative discussion, check-ins & group activities
5pm PST (8pm EST & 12am UTC)
Read the FAQ or Join us on Discord to begin. 
This camp ends December 3rd.

What activities are there?

The basic function of camp is to set & sync up good habits w/ others. During these meets, we'll explore things like:

Group listens & discussion may include:

I'm already in the Discord

Cool ūüėé.¬†Leave a message in ‚õļthe-lodge¬†on Discord or show up to an event¬†so we can¬†mark you as a camper.

I'm already lost.

We can help you join! Text (724) 800-0097‬ or email with questions.

So, what is this?

Think of it like summer camp but for remote people trying to navigate the digital age. A special moment in time to meet new friends, experience fun things & find support.

What's the roadmap?

There are no roadmaps for life, Shirtwascash or camp.. #noroadmaps. That said, there is a predictable daily framework.

Every day we will host livestreams in the morning, afternoon & night.

These livestreams will teach & repeat common habits & practices, such as stretching in the morning, followed by open discussion or something new.

Is this kid friendly?

Yes and no. The only thing I'll be strict about is sensitive topics & actions that negatively effect the other campers. I withhold the right to remove anyone from camp at any time.

By today's standards, this is a very wholesome environment.

What does my participation look like?

Everything is voluntary & potential trigger-topics will be labeled. Just be where you are & try to show up.

There are 3 opportunities for you to log on & join every weekday through December 3rd.

That's it for now!

I'm excited to meet you, do fun things & see where this goes.

Step 1: Join us on Discord