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Dear Leader 5 Panel

Stats and Descriptions
Dear Leader's Glorious 5-panel Hat
5 Armor Points
+10 Defense
+10 Charisma
-1 Disease Resistance
+1 Cold Resistance
Equip: When struck in combat  inflicts 4 Holy damage to the attacker.

North Korea is home to the world's most beautiful landscapes. Fun beach party weather all year long with lush floral meadows for picnic overlooked by powerful snow capped mountains. It's a dream - literally.

Our Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, champion of all that is such amazement, landed in North Korea directly from the womb of God. He saw a barren land of misfortune and used his magical dreaming ability to reshape it into the gorgeous military-state we all cherish it for today.

Amazed by such achievements, world-renowned artists tried to capture a moment of his glory. All efforts were a shameful attempt until our Dearest Leader posed and painted his own picture. Stories are told of that moment - he used both of his hand's soft brush-like fingers to paint what you see before you today. The finished masterpiece was so bright from a golden afterglow, it took years for anyone besides our Dear Leader to see the final product.

Wearing Dear Leader is the nearest we can come to such honor and happy fun times. Thank you Dear Leader, our skulls will forever be wrapped by your legacy.