Changelog: Block Logo V1—what's different?

May 06, 2021 2 min read

What if Shirtwascash had been opposite?

Shirtwascash turned 7 years old! It's been such a privilege and joy to be apart of your lives.

Upon reflecting this mid-life crisis, we felt it would be fun to celebrate via first principles. First-principle thinking is when you let go of assumptions and restart as-if from scratch. We'll still continue to release your favorites but our Block Logo drops are a twist.

Where we came from

We launched in April 2014 featuring the loudest tees possible with no manufactured quantity limits. This, over time, has proven a successful concept but it's kinda boring. Mass-production mentality is also kinda meaningless & wasteful.

What's different w/ Block Logo

We are releasing a few Shirtwascash 1sts here:

  1. Our first 100% cotton tees (weird, right?)
  2. 1st-ever branded product
  3. First collectible token (a community learning together)
  4. Non-gendered sizing from S1 - L10
  5. Only 25 units total (handmade in USA)

We felt it was in Shirtwascash spirit (of weirdness) to go back to the super-duper basics while still incorporating a few groundbreaking ideas.

Every future Block Logo tee will build on what was learned from the last drop, test ambitious & creative ideas in fashion + tech, and we'll never re-release the same Block Logo again.

This point forward, we just want to play with the creative toybox we've built over the last 7 years while staying true to our values (see Ethics tab) and our priorities straightyour enjoyment. 

• • •

Let's unpack what's available here:

  • 100% Supima cotton tee—pearl white
  • 1st Collectible Token—think of it as a Pokemon card and rewards program w/ future community benefits
  • Simplified sizing—genderless fits for all adults

Supima cotton + eco-friendly inks

This is basically considered the best (most expensive) type of cotton you can produce. Each shirt is sewn and printed in the USA using eco-friendly water-based inks.

Why digital tokens?

Many won't know this but Shirtwascash launched in 2014 accepting Bitcoin, BCH, Ethereum and Dogecoin before that was cool🧐. Back then we sold single tees for 70k Doge (now valued at $45k). Much excite!! (WOW)

Shirtwascash was the first Shopify to integrate Coinbase for payments. We're considered first to print memes on tees (our claim to fame) and was ~3rd w/ all-over print apparel.

So... we have a track record of innovating new ideas that later go mainstream. Tokens are a DREAM tool for our brand to run fun community experiments previously impossible.

We also want to originate ideas that go to the moon!!! ┗(°0°)┛ ..○

Why no-gender sizing—have you gone soft?

Actually doing this is pretty edgy imo, but it's been an idea to help simplify for a while.

Right now our website is separated by biological sex, which will always exist as we release more gender-specific products than ever before, but for things like regular tees? It's an operational burden.

As a small team, we can truly only focus on one (guys tees) to some detriment of the other (ladies tees). This solves that and simplifies our work.

We also feel this sizing standard S1 - L10 reduces some of the stigmas attached to traditional size charts. Lastly, it finally opens the door to release mens 4XL+.

We'd love to hear your feedback and ways we can improve on Discord!

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