You are greatness.

June 13, 2017 2 min read

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. - Bruce Lee

Welcome friend,

I am anon and I started Shirtwascash three years ago. Before that I followed the path society gives us (school, job, bills) and was pretty "successful" in my kush corporate finance job. But why was I miserable?

Why did I have that self-deprecating voice in my head? It never shut up! I wasn't social enough, I didn't make enough money, I was just 'a depressive person'. Where the F does that shit come from and why are we so mean to ourselves?

The answer is conditioning. We are the result of our childhood, the things people label us by, the limits we put in place and delusions we maintain. We can learn to unwind self-degradation and cultivate self respect.

It wasn't until I found my life's purpose and trusted my inner greatness that I began to love myself. And with that love, I commit myself to helping others. That's what I'm writing here about.

You are now part of my most personal journey. I am here to dedicate myself to pushing the envelope, trying new ideas, and sharing wisdom as I figure out how to pass along this powerful self discovery. I will never ask you for money, this isn't about that. This is about giving back and living a life I'm proud of.

Your feedback is much appreciated! All I ask if that you commit to being honest with yourself. You can't learn anything if you first can't be real. I will be sending these emails weekly, if not more.

Your first assignment is to listen to this episode of the Bruce Lee podcast. You must actively listen and afterwards reflect. Go for a walk or sit in silence. Turn off your phone. The only rule is NO distractions.

If you want to continue this journey with me, click our manifesto in the menu.

Until next time,

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