How a YouTuber 10X'd Their Avg Sales In 10 Days Last Christmas

November 02, 2020 2 min read


Here's our truth: your 2020 holiday sales can multiply through these simple insights. We share why this year is different and how to better succeed.

Understand the opportunity

With 6 seasons under our belt—one thing is clear—most YouTubers haven't realized 1. their sales potential, 2. eCommerce is the future, 3. 2020 has accelerated this awareness. We want to help guide your eCom-awakening toward success.

3 reasons eCommerce is the future

  1. Merch will increase 35% this year (2.8X growth rate from 2019)
  2. Fans spend 68% MORE per order during holidays
  3. 7 of 10 Gen Z & Millennials now watch +2 hours of video a day

How Duncan and others beat their expectations

  1. Understand the opportunity: Q4 sales should surpass all other income streams
  2. Know what sells: People want year-long value—especially now. Home Goods sales increase 4X from Nov-Jan
  3. Release for two audiences: Merch for top fans and real art for everyone else. That broader audience represents your most potential growth

Case Study: How one YouTuber 10X'd their sales last year

For context, they run a funny history channel with nearly 800k subscribers. Prior he released fan-made Teespring merch so we introduced fresh, seasonal, artwork:

Holiday Design Checklist

Does this appeal to my broader audience?
Have I included artwork (and product types) they can love all winter?
 Is it sufficiently differentiated from the rest of my catalog?

The result is more attractive and aimed toward his wider audience (edgy meme humor).

Branded sleeves became a keepsake for top fans—in the future that may become an upsell or free option. It's good to remember how excited fans that buy our merch actually are! They're investing in your success.

3 easy ways to source the perfect art

Next, we treated his launch like an eCommerce brand

When a fan landed on a product, our marketing funnels continue to touch base and test their likelihood to purchase. We also built a separate email list with just his followers and customers for future releases.

We approach outreach as opportunities to grow long-term relations—because it is. Stores on Teespring, Spreadshirt or similar suppress this to maintain control.

Top 3 things eCommerce brands do to increase sales

Our #1 reason to ditch the simplified merch platforms is they keep your fan's email information. For larger channels, this equates to potentially millions in missed sales and future opportunity.

To summarize, the three most actionable steps for your store:

  1. Remember your broader audience design tastes; they need gifts too
  2. Include Home Goods (blankets, pillow cases, tapestries); their sales increase 400% from prior months
  3. Find platform options (Shirtwascash, Shopify, WooCommerce) that let you keep your emails

Happy holidays

 Psst.. we're adding up to 5 more partners to our Holiday Season plans. Scaling and delivering is a delicate balance. Contact to learn more.

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