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Design Winners, Pricing Changes, & Updates

by Anon Shirtwascash July 31, 2015

We have officially wrapped up our 5th design contest, huzzah!

First - I would like to thank everyone that has stuck with us from the beginning and welcome our newer members. We have had quite an awesome ride and I can't wait to continue making shirtposts.com better and growing this concept.

I try to make the prizes better after every contest and this one will be no different.

Contest Prizes

From now on, all winners join our new  Epic Member program. The program will evolve over time and all members are "grandfathered" into any future benefits from our websites (shirtposts.com and shirtwascash.com), early-access, and special privileges / recognition. Please feel free to reply to this post with ideas and feedback!

Contest winners and Epic Members receive:

  • A special shirtposts user badge so others can recognize your greatness!
  • You get a free premium version of your submitted shirt for free
  • Your very own discount code for 15% off entire orders for (1) year
  • All winners receive a gift card for $25 for our store
    ....we will also be announcing additional Epic Member benefits on shirtposts.com soon.

Contest Winners

Stereoscopic Nature by ahippo [ link]
Thought Provoking by SuperNotSupper [ link]
Ship Cat by Takkov [ link]
Scarface by Haredeenee [link]
Pussy Game Strong by doesitmakesound [ link]
Poly Mountain by Leonnj [ link]
Never Enough by doesitmakesound [ link]
Lego shirt by doesitmakesound [ link]
Jimmies XP by doesitmakesound [ link]
Inside Job by doesitmakesound  [link]
Flying Hamburger Dog by Deslanova [ link]
Flamingo Paradise by Just_Another_Opinion [ link]
Fight Me Furby by doesitmakesound [ link]
Beach Nostalgia by doesitmakesound [ link]
Battle Chewie by MrPato [ link]
Backroom Casting Couch by fatdonuthole [ link]
3D Glitch Moon by admin [ link]
2spooky Pattern by doesitmakesound [ link]
Tree of Life by luke [ link]
Rainbow Unicorn Kim Jong Un by Haredeenee [not found]

Thank you to all of our new Epic Members - we will be emailing you! PS: It's a great time to join our community since it's so new. Some people have completely replaced their wardrobe with free stuff.

Pricing Changes

As some of you may have noticed, we increased all of our regular pricing to $24.99 (as compared to $23.99 previously) and premium to $34.99 (previously $33.99). If you wear 2XL or 3XL, there was no change. This pricing change may or may not remain - I haven't made a decision yet. That said, I thought I would explain  why it changed.

I need helpand people tend to want money for their work. Plus, we're still ~40% cheaper than our competitors, have a new office space, and overhead + expenses have increased a lot overall since launch.

Pricing has been a continuous learning experience for me. Originally I set it WAY too low (particularly on shipping) and I was basically breaking even until around November (when we added a more dynamic shipping cost structure). We still charge under what it costs to ship to most international countries and it maxes out at like $24.

Historically I have subsidized our prices to be extremely competitive through my own time (aka all-nighters). Don't take that as a complaint - I fucking love what I do but it needs to evolve. I still plan on working most waking hours but it has had an impact on our service, my health, and growth potential.

My personal next "role" will focus on the customer experience, shirtposts community, and future developments. To do this, I need to hire in-house designers and customer service/administrative people, and someone to do marketing.

We are still offering these premium products for a lot cheaper than our nearest competitors. They are charging $39.95 and $49.84 (wtf) for t-shirts, $39.00 and $49.84 (wtf) for tank tops, $69.95 and $69.84 for hoodies.

We're still about half as expensive on t-shirts and tanks. Our hoodies are handcrafted in Las Vegas using high-end materials and are $20 less. I've bought their products to compare and our hoodies are  way nicer. I'm really proud of everything so far and that's the gist of it.

I want your feedback on our changes! Leave a comment or email anon@shirtwascash.com.

Just a quick update on product designs...
"When will design XYZ be a hoodie?!"

We will be dropping new designs and current designs  for additional product-types every other Thursday now that the 5th design contest is over. So, if you are looking for different crop tops, mousepads, hats, or sweaters - check back to see what's new!

I have to do tiered and limited launches like this because... as mentioned above... I am still doing all of the design work and website development myself. As I hire people, this will get a lot quicker and better.

Anon Shirtwascash
Anon Shirtwascash

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