The Evolution of Shirtwascash and Product Goals

March 04, 2016 3 min read

Today I wanted to start the day off with a blog post. Shirtwascash has gone from idea to an international apparel brand in just two short years. I am very proud of our successes but it's time to make drastic changes necessary to move forward in a significant way.

Many of our customers and community know that quality has been important to me from day 1. I started out by sourcing the best fabrics I could find and have held our products to a high standard of design and quality assurance. That said, 2016 is the year we move forward in big ways. I've bought our nearest competitors clothes and we're up there swinging with the best - but it's time to leave them in our dust.

This year, I have been inspired to grow and express my creative side more. This creativity has motivated me to pursue new designs aligned with my vision of this company, new fabrics you've never experienced before, better and more unique cuts, and introducing more "finesse" to our products. We are going to push our products to new levels of awesomeness to make your lives better and keep our returning customers coming back to major improvements. We will continue being the company we've always been but will make bold transitions to separate ourselves from the rest.

I want the first piece of clothing I pick to wear to always be from Shirtwascash. This means we need new types of prints, discover new fabrics, and develop a diverse collection of clothes that could fit into any environment or occasion.

Here's a rundown of what we're working on:

  • Add new production partners for more stable delivery and capabilities.
  • Add new partners with professional experience crafting garments from scratch. This will enable us to create completely new types of clothes and different styles. It will also help us push towards and create new trends that we'll all love.
  • New production partners will be selected to meet our strict quality and customer experience requirements. This will solve two of our biggest problems: 1. It will decrease shipping times to a week to 10 days, and 2. it will remove some customer's burden of import taxes.
  • We will find, discover, and create (from scratch from the mills) new fabrics that push the boundaries of what we can print on. I have some really awesome ideas in store for this. Beyond-premium sweaters, hoodies, new shirts, jeans/pants, etc.
  • Utilize additional printing methods on our clothes. Premium cotton with two kinds of screen print or bleach out, this new crazy fabric, "modal", with digital print, heat press patterns, silky hoodie liners for that Putin-level feel, and more.
  • Add all of the "finesse" I expect in top-tier clothing. I have been buying designer-level clothes one-off from various brands to see what they do. We will be adding creative tags, new stitching methods, soft custom liners, unique drawstrings, etc.
  • We will also be adding partners that compliment our current offerings and fill in many of the product gaps we have. Girls? We're going to do that shit right. Want home goods? It's on the list. Socks, pants, joggers, swimsuits, blankets, kids stuff, raver gear, and more? It's in the works.
  • And way more. Once this stuff is launched, we'll be on a new level of product expertise. Then.... I'll want to push more.

As simple as these things may appear - it's actually quite difficult to execute. Being the best is hard work but that's exactly what we will be. All of our profits will be solely reinvested into making this happen including an expansion of our team. This isn't the time for me to become an adult and play it safe, it's time to become the best.

Thanks for all of your support. I can't wait for you to see our next evolution.

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April 01, 2016

do a barrel roll


March 31, 2016

Hey anon.

I love the way you are pushing not just yourself, but your brand, your products, and the clothing industry in general. Keep it up, don’t listen to mean comments and always love what you do.

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