SpiritFlag backers launch!

December 09, 2016 2 min read

The phrase 'SpiritFlag' has become rather complicated for me. It started as a passion project to encourage self-expression and imbue this beautifully draped garment with your own journey. It was an exciting time in a new office and a growing team. I turned my focus away from day-to-day operations & sales and towards developing the future, nurturing a strong internal culture, and making a greater impact. 

And we lived happily ever after. ...not!

To say I love this product is an understatement.

I gave away over 200 SpiritFlags at Electric Daisy Carnival and can't seem to keep one for myself longer than two weeks - it's one of the greatest gifts I ever have on me to give. I've had so many magical experiences because of these scarf-capes and the distinct LOUD style they share.

There is quite literally nothing out there right now more epic than a SpiritFlag in full flight. Most wardrobes don't even compare to wearing one of these as a scarf. What's also nice is how approachable they make you in public. It draws people in.

These experiences were promised to you, our Kickstarter backers made up of our own family, friends, and biggest supporters, but are now behind schedule. I apologize for this from a very sincere place but apologies are weak. Rest assured, you will all receive your SpiritFlags and I hope it guides you through truly unforgettable moments.

SpiritFlags are created with the mission to help you share your best self.
This is an idea I truly believe in now more than ever. Positive change happens on the ground every day. Your best self is a state of mind that even a piece of clothing can help you obtain. Every act of kindness or epic expression of style/fun will make the normal world realize that superheros wear these things.

I have spent the last few months identifying my own failures/weaknesses and finding new solutions to address new and old problems. There were delays and hurdles out of my control as well, but rather than focus on the negative, let's just move forward.

Thank you so much for your participation in the SpiritFlags kickstarter. It has not gone as planned, the product itself is truly grand, and your support has made all the difference for us.

This is the moment we truly let our own spirits back into the world. 

Designs and Links

Here are the spirits we've created for you, as well as, the Build Your Own tool we've developed for those with the custom option. We will be making improvements and adding more designs on a regular basis.

Email anon@shirtwascash.com if you wanted a design that we don't currently offer (your country flag, sports team, other shirtwascash design, etc) with the subject: SpiritFlag Design Request.

The SpiritFlag Collection
Build your own (custom) SpiritFlag! 

You can reach me directly with any questions or concerns you have via snapchat (add SWCanon or click the button at the top left) or directly send a message to: ardon [(at)] shirtwascash [(dot)] com.

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Chase Bieling
Chase Bieling

December 09, 2016

Yeah!! I never doubted for a minute you guys would pull through! I’m glad to hear that despite any obstacles in your way you managed to power through and complete your dream. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in person!

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