The Unintended Consequence of Changing Lives

November 26, 2015 2 min read

I got asked by 6 people if they could take a picture with me. Not just of me, but with me.

When I started Shirtwascash, at first I thought I was doing just a fun side project. I was excited that people were interested in it, stressed out at the climbing preorders, and really had no time to consider the long term effects. The real positive impact our clothes have made in people's lives became apparent to me in time.

These aren't just some t-shirts with crazy designs on them, they are an outward representation of the awesome people that wear them. Our personalities are expressed in a new social way, and strangers/our friends take notice. About a year ago, I received an awesome email (which I get surprisingly often), that told me their story:

"Next time I saw her [his crush] I thought to myself, "fuck it, I'm wearing my pants shirt". Worked up confidence to make a move, succeeded and found out she's super into me, ending a long dry streak. Just goes to show that shirt was cash is not about wearing edgy shit and standing out, but its to feel good about yourself and to feel happy about what you're doing"

I couldn't have said it better myself in relation to my own experiences. We're not about stupid designs on some inhuman corporate website. Real life experiences are created through honest expression and confidence. We've become a tool in that confidence-inducing arsenal. I can't guarantee we'll all get laid from a pants shirt like this guy, but it's one of the first anecdotes I had showing me that this is somehow game changing. 

"Hey man, where'd you get that?!"

One really common experience cashers (and myself) experience is almost the super-natural ability to be a conversational ice-breaker. I once noted five different strangers come up to me, of all ages, to talk about my sweater or throw me a compliment while grocery shopping. Besides the inherent pride and confidence boost from the compliments, this has become an easy go-to for me to open up discussions with people. I never tell people I run the site either. Something about our clothes is a signal to others that we're more approachable.

Here's some of my favorite posts from our awesome customers:

Music festivals with God Mode turned on

Big man on campus

New gym friends

Did we just become best friends?

Customer service run by humans that care

These are all just a small sample of the tremendous amount of feedback I've received since launch. I want to thank everyone that has supported us - it means the world to me - and I hope our clothes have made a small positive impact on your life too. It was unanticipated yet so amazingly powerful that my "passion" in this is you, our community/customers, and how much I ended up really caring about you all.

Start your story today.

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Jonah Perras
Jonah Perras

June 02, 2016

The actual best stuff ever really excited for my shirt

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